Complaints Policy

Complaints Policy


Vspa Retreat is committed to providing a high quality service to all our clients. We are very keen to hear of any situations where we have fallen short of both your expectations and the expectations set by the spa, so that we can continue to improve our standards and service to all our clients.

We value feedback from clients during the treatments, in order to ensure the client’s comfort and satisfaction. Clients must let the Spa Therapists know or aware if there is something you are not happy with during your treatment.  You will not offend the therapists. In face they will appreciate your feedback.

We treat feedback seriously and deal with it promptly, efficiently, and courteously and keep the customer informed of the progress.

We aim to handle complaints quickly in an effective, fair and honest way.

Feedback is recorded and monitored. This enables the staff t0 learn from feedback and take action to improve services.


How a Complaint Can be Made

Email:  or

Write to: Spa Manager. Vspa Retreat, 25 ilsham Road. Torquay. TQ1 2JG

You need to provide us with your name, contact details, the details of your complaint and how you would like the issue to be resolved. Depending on the nature of the complaint on some occasions we will require photos or asking you to come into the spa.

We cannot guarantee that the issue will be resolved to your expectation, but we will listen and do our best to ensure a fair outcome for you.

The Complaints Process

The Spa Manager addresses all complaints. You will receive a written response within five working days. If you are happy with the outcome there will be no further action.

If not, then please contact the Spa Manager again along with the details of your proposed outcome. You will receive a written response within five working days.


Complaints are treated with confidentiality. The Spa Manager will be the only one aware of a complaint. The manager will be the only one to deal with and resolve complaints.

Aggressive or Obsessive Complaints

We aim to deal fairly and honestly with complainants but we also will ensure that we do not suffer detriment from persons making vexatious complaints.  Appropriate legal action will be taken in such cases. We kindly ask clients not to make a scene in our spa and to be respectful towards other clients whom are in treatment enjoying a Spa Treatment. Aggressive and abusive behavior towards any members of the spa team will result in a call to the police asking you to leave the premises.

Social Media

We will not accept any bad reviews, fake allegations or defamation on any online site regards to our Spa. Legal Action will be taken if we suffer any detrimental or  unfair comments due to a complaint not being resolved to you expectation.

Equalities Statement

We aim to handle all complaints fairly and honestly regardless of who makes a complaint.  We treat all members of the community equitably and will not show bias to any particular individual or group.

Nails and Beauty Treatments

If your complaint is regarding Nails, or a reaction. You must immediately call the Spa as we will ask you to come to the Spa. Without seeing you in person we cannot assess the complaint. If the complaint is regarding a holistic or beauty therapy treatment you have had and we find that the fault lies with our products or the workmanship of the therapist, we will rectify the issue within 3 days free of charge.

We will forward complaints received in respect of other organisation products or equipment.

Spa Employees.

Please note that all Spa staff do not have authorisation to offer refunds. They have to follow our company complaints procedure policy and we do ask clients to respect our employee’s duties. The Spa Manager is unable to deal with a complaint on the spot. Therefore you must submit a written e-mail or letter to the Spa Manager.

Matters that are Outside the Policy

This Policy does not cover the following:

Complaints which are subject to legal proceedings