Treatment Add on

Enhance your spa experience with our exclusive pampering options, available in 10, 15, or 20-minute extensions to any spa treatment. Please note, treatments marked with an ** are exclusively available as 20-minute sessions.

Choose from the following luxurious enhancements:

Tension Release Neck and Shoulder Massage

Melt away stress and muscle tension for ultimate relaxation.

Signature Foot Massage

 Relieve tired feet and boost circulation for an invigorating refresh.

Heavenly Scalp Massage:

Indulge in deep relaxation while improving scalp health and vitality.

Hot Stones Heated Neck and Shoulder Massage

Enjoy profound muscle relaxation and enhanced circulation with soothing heat

Foot Spa Soak and Foot Scrub**

Pamper your feet with a rejuvenating soak and scrub, leaving them soft and revitalized. Transform rough skin into smooth, healthy feet for a polished look.


10 Minutes – £10.00

15 Minutes – £15.00

20 Minutes – £20.00

Please note: These luxurious enhancements are available only when booked alongside another spa treatment. If not combined with another treatment, a nominal surcharge of £2 for disposable towels will be applied. Treat yourself to these exquisite add-ons for the ultimate spa experience!