Eye Treatments

eye treatments

Eye Treatments at Vspa Retreat

eye treatmentsEyebrow Shape or Tidy

{ £9 | approx 15min }

Eyelash Tint

{ £10 | approx 15min }

Eyebrow Tint

{ £9 | approx 10min }

Eyelash, Eyebrow Tint and shape

{ £26 | approx 20min }

Eyelash Lift/Perming

{ £29 | approx 30min }



Amazing semi-permanent eye lash extensions now available. We offer our lashes in various thicknesses and lengths to enable us to “match” the extensions exactly to your lashes. This enables us to create an absolute natural look.

We use CE certified adhesive that has been specially formulated by a group of eyelash manufacturers for exactly this purpose (cheap imports do not last!) You can trust our glue to be the best and safest for eyelash extensions. We use CE certified debonder to keep you safe.

The application process usually takes about 2 hours. The treatment can take longer. Eyelash extensions are individually applied onto the natural eyelash as such application time is dependent on the number of extensions being applied. The procedure is very relaxing and comfortable and the extensions will last up to 12 weeks with regular maintenance and care. To maintain the fullness and condition of the lashes it is recommended they are touched up every 2 to 3 weeks.

Flirties eyelash extensions look and feel so natural and best of all the extensions can be worn everyday, as well as for special occasions such as weddings. So for beautiful eyelashes look no further than the latest make up accessory Semi Permanent Eyelash Extensions from Flirties.


{ £62 | approx 2hr }



{ £28 | up to 45 min }
{ £20 | up to 30 min }



{ £15 | approx 50 mins.}



Russian Volume is the use of multiple ultra fine extensions, that are hand created at the time of application by the therapist using their specially designed tweezers. The therapist skilfully creates bouquets of eyelash extensions that are then placed onto the natural lash in a fanned effect, to create extra fluff, coverage and fullness than cannot be created with classic extensions. Although we use multiple extensions, the fan is still placed onto one individually isolated natural lash in a method that encases the natural lash, and results in great retention with zero damage.

How is Russian Volume Lashes different from Classic Lashes?

When one single lash extensions is applied to a single natural lash, this technique is referred to as classic lashes. With Russian Volume Lashes, the lash technician attaches more than one lash extension fiber to the natural lash by fanning them to make them appear like more lashes are growing from one stem. Depending on the effect the client wants, the technician can use 2 to 10 extensions per fan. The number of lashes used per fan is also dependent on the thickness of the extension. The lighter the extension, the more lashes per fan can be used.

Must book in advance and subject to availability with our lash technician. Consultation and patch test required.

If you have an idea of what you would like, we recommend bringing in a photo with you upon consultation.

£75| approx 2hr } 


{ £35| up to 45 min } 


{ £25| up to 30 min } 



{ £18| approx 50 mins.}