Daily Ritual | Luxe Signature Day & Night Cream



Daily Ritual | Luxe Signature Day & Night Cream

Key Ingredients

Shea Butter| Almond Oil| Aloe  Vera | Olive Oil.


Soothing| Healing | Moisturising | Helps Treat Pigmentation| Helps Skin Cells Regenerate| Skin Softening | Improves Elasticity | Improves Complexion and Tone| Helps treat Hyperpigmentation and Lighten blemishes on the face| Cooling Properties| Reverses Skin damage.


Feel the texture and you just know thus us going to make a difference!. Pure hydrating day and night cream. An intensely nourishing, rich and revitalising day and night cream including shea, which is high in vitamin E and A, means it has high level of fatty acids which can acts as the perfect natural day and night cream. Its soothing  and containing anti-ageing properties that may make skin appear smoother and reduce ageing. Helps to rehydrate and firm, leaving skin dewy and full of vitality.

Aloe Leaf
almond oil
Almond Oil
shea butter
Shea Butter



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