Firm & Glow Gift Set


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Firm & Glow Gift Set

The Spa Ritual | Luxe Cleanser


This gorgeously luxurious cleanser that thoroughly cleanses your face. Contains sea buckthorn which will help stimulate the natural skin repair process of yours skin. This is a gentle and repairing facial cleansing formula.

The Spa Ritual | Toning Essence


This refreshing toning essence is a soothing toner that will calm your skin and reduce irritation, giving rise to a fresh sensation and radiant appearance.

The Spa Ritual | Anti Ageing Marine Collagen Day Cream


This Luxurious marine collagen face cream is infused with pure neroli and rich in natural vitamin c to encourage your skin to produce natural collagen which aids healthy, vibrant and wrinkle free skin. As we get older, the skin natural ability to produce collagen is reduce and our collagen cream used derived collagen to help aid the skin in its natural repair and defence as its gets older and damaged.

The Spa Ritual | Luxe Nature’s Gold Stem Cell Regenerator Serum


Unparalleled in quality. Ultimate luxurious and beautifully fragranced. This truly luxurious serum stimulates stem cell and growth factor production. It stimulates the epidermis regeneration and thickness. Blur the appearance of vertical wrinkles after only 7 days.


Give your skin a treat! Discover these high-performance formulas to deeply nourish skin and reduce the look of lines and wrinkles. Skin feels firmer, its density and elasticity significantly improved. All your skincare in one kit.

Ritual: Cleanse – Exfoliate – Mask – Tone – Apply Serum- Moisturise.

Exfoliating and Mask is only required once or twice a week.

  • Suitable for most skin types
  • Suitable for face only.


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