Eye Treatments

eye treatments

Eye Treatments at Vspa Retreat

eye treatments

Henna Brows

{ £35 | approx 50min }

Patch Test required 24hrs before the treatment

Henna brows are about to take the world by storm! If you haven’t heard of this treatment, stay tuned and read on for all of the details.
Henna brows are a type of tinting that stains the skin giving you tinted hairs for up to 6 weeks and a tint on the skin that can last anywhere from 2-10 days. Henna has been around for thousands of years and has been used for hair dye, body art, and makeup. A lot of people associate henna with the colour red, but henna brows are specially formulated to give a more cool colour tone that is absolutely perfect for eyebrows.

Henna brows tint and stain the skin giving you a more fuller, 3D effect.
• It’s great for those that have sparse or over plucked brows
• Henna brows can encourage hair to grow back fuller in all the right places
• It contains less chemicals and harsh ingredients so is a great option for sensitive skin
• It will last on the hairs for up to 6 weeks which is almost twice as long as regular tint
• Henna can tint the skin anywhere from 2-10 days
• Henna takes beautifully to grey hairs

Eyebrow Shape or Tidy

{ £10| approx 15min }

Eyelash Tint

{ £12 | approx 15min }

Eyebrow Tint

{ £12 | approx 10min }

Eyelash, Eyebrow Tint and shape

{ £29 | approx 20min }

Eyelash Lift/Perming & Tint

{ £39 | approx 60min }

Microblading (coming soon)

Microblading Consultation

{ free | approx 30min }


{ £249 | approx 2hrs 30min }

Microblading Yearly Top-Up

{ £120 | approx 2hrs }